Mid Ohio Slot Machines has the largest IGT S+ parts department in the
(check our parts dept)  If you do not see it....call us....We also
sell on Ebay.....We have over 150 items(IGT S+ parts) listed

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Legal Information - Please Read Before Purchase
We observe all state legal requirements for slot machine sales.   IF YOU ARE
NOT CLEAR ON THE LAW, PLEASE CALL Local, County, City Law Enforcement
Agencies.  They can provide you with more and current information as to
whether you are allowed to have a machine. Laws may change from time to time
and we assume no legal responsibility.  It is the buyers responsibility to check
state and local laws for CASINO TYPE SLOT MACHINES.....PRIOR TO
PURCHASE..Thank you.
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Warehouse, Parts and Repairs
Our Parts Dept
We have thousands upon thousands of parts for the IGT S+ Slot

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Email:midohio2000@yahoo.com  or  midohio@centurylink.net
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