Mid Ohio Slot Machines
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We try to keep at least 150 real  Casino Slot Machines in stock at all times. At least 25/30 ready to
go for home use. We only sell IGT S+ models, such as Double Diamond, Red, White, Blue, Sizzlin
7's, Haywires, 5xpay, 10xpay, Triple Diamond  etc. email:   midohio2000@yahoo.com
If you are in the Mansfield area, feel free to
give us a call 419-522-3777  stop in and
visit our warehouse.  
..... CALL before
coming in.... 419-522-3777,   for
availability.. you must have a suv, van or
truck for pick up for pick up. These
machines weigh 225 lbs and are
approximately 48 to 54 inches tall.

Email:  midohio2000@yahoo.com

We are the largest distributor of IGT S+ Slot
Machines and S+ Parts.
IGT S+ Slot Machines,  pay out  tokens and quarters, these
machines are the last to pay out, they do not make them
anymore.... .....They are NOT the ticket in, ticket out...........
midohio2000@yahoo.com.... call before coming in
419-522-3777   or email.